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A Professional Trustee is appointed at the time of taking out the trust and is included within the cost. Most Professional Trustees charge an annual management fee but WLS Trustees do not do this.

All Trusts formed since October 2020 need to be registered with HMRC. The registration can be done by yourself directly with HMRC – it is a straightforward, but somewhat lengthy, process. Should you prefer we would be happy to register the Trust on your behalf, for a one off administration fee of £239.

You can change your mind at any time. The Professional Trustee is taken off the Trust using what is called a Deed of Retirement, and a new Trustee of your choice is added.

Yes. A Trust allows you to appoint up to 4 Trustees. If you choose to have a Professional Trustee as one, you can still appoint a further 3.

No, all Trustees are ranked equally. However, as WLS Trustees are there as professionals, it is usually when there are disagreements that we have the most benefit. We are able to offer impartial and expert advice to help resolve disputes or conflicts of interest quickly and easily.

Yes, please contact us. Through our expertise and experience we will be able to offer you advice and guidance about the changes you are considering, and help you to make make them.

Yes, we are always happy to help with any questions or advice you might need. Please get in touch and one of our friendly team will be glad to assist.