If you decided to change any of your property details at Land Registry,
whether your property is in Trust or not, you will incur a fee.
Please see our fixed fee prices below:

If there are any other matters you would like to instruct us on, that is not covered above,
please request a fixed fee quotation.


If there is any additional work which we cannot provide a quote for,
we work on a fixed rate of £150 per hour + disbursements.


We can also offer personalised and bespoke property services,
providing guidance on all areas of the residential and commercial properties.
NRT Property Consultants  is an extension of our services, they work directly with Trustees,
Estate Agents and Solicitors to ensure a simple and smooth process from start to finish.

*NRT Property Consultants do not charge a direct fee, this is negotiated with the Estate Agents and Solicitors. NRT Property Consultants will pay WLS Trustees Limited a referral fee upon completion.